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I can now sell these either as a kit of parts or as a completed and tested tracker. 12v supply not included in any of these kits.

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3. Astronomy - mounts ( Barn Doors) - Construction details


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The design for this barn door tracker is taken from an excellent article by GARY SERONIK. See his article here. Note that dimensions differ between Gary's model and mine, as the pitch of the rod influences the overall size of the barn door. Here are my key steps. In under 2 hours you should be ready to fit the motor. At several points during construction you may need to unbolt one of the boards from the hinges to assist with construction.

Part 1 - parts needed, info on self assembly kits;

Part 2 - initial construction

Part 3 - Electrical and finishing

Part 4 - fine tuning and calibration.

Help Page - Parts 1 to 4 on one page.